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Mufti Amjad regularly offers spiritual advice to many of his students and other members of the public who know him. A number of individuals from the wider public have asked that he offers this service to other members of the community. A number of individuals require advice on how to deal with the Evil Eye and Black Magic; the mufti provides al-Ruqya* which can be self-administered. Therefore, if you require spiritual advice or healing then please contact by email on enquiry@amjadmohammed.com.

*(Note: Al-Ruqya: these are Divine words, usually from the Holy Qur’an, used as a recitation to cure an illness or a disease).

You can also access many lectures on Spiritual Reformation from the Lectures and Publications area of the website.

A number of individuals would prefer a more sustained input from the Mufti, in essence the Mufti becomes the Spiritual Mentor to the individual. This is referred to as al-bay’a – a pledge of allegiance that the student makes with the Mufti. Once this pledge has taken place then the mufti will regularly advise, instruct and mentor the student in order to develop a more God-conscience attitude to life and increase iman – this will naturally lead to satisfaction and contentment with life and a better preparation for the Hereafter. If you would like the Mufti to be your Spiritual Mentor then please email your request in the first instance to enquiry@amjadmohammed.com.