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Lineage and Family Tree

Early Life

From the period of 1989-2002, Mufti Amjad Mohammed worked for a large international chemical company. His main role was as a research scientist; and would lead projects; during this period he set-up two departments; a Pathfinder Blue Sky department and another investigating the fundamentals of the area of research in which he had expertise. In this capacity he wrote many technical reports, submitted papers in the relevant journals and authored a number of patents. During his time at the organisation, he also studied part-time for a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry from the University of Huddersfield (graduating in 1996).

While studying at the traditional Islamic disciplines, he also completed the teacher training course at Bradford College (graduating in 2003), hence achieving Qualified Teacher Status.

Since the autumn of 2007, he has lectured and co-ordinated the study of Islam at the University of Bradford. He established lectures and modules of study in Islamic Studies through a number of different ways and students. He delivered a complete Certificate in Islam during the 2009/10 academic year.

The Olive Foundation

In March 2011, Mufti Amjad founded 'The Olive Foundation'- Olive Secondary School naturally evolved in a much larger multifaceted organisation and had initiatives which did not fit the remit of a Secondary School – this led to the finding of a foundation which would have a more general remit with education and humanitarian goals.

Within the foundation there are many initiatives these include:

Olive Secondary School/Olive College- Mufti Amjad was keen to initiate an Islamic secondary school that would excel in both National Curriculum and Islamic Sciences, it wasn't until 2005 before that vision was realized. In the meantime, he was pivotal in the establishment of a local Islamic primary school, in 2003, whereby he took a key advisory role; then established two Islamic secondary schools; for boys in 2005 and for girls in 2006. The schools are local, and he functions as the Proprietor Recently, he was instrumental in establishing the first full-time Islamic nursery in the north of England.

Olive Elementary Academy- Evening Classes cover 4 core subjects: Islamic Studies, Qaida/Qur’an, Memorisation of key duas and suras and Qur’anic Arabic.

Olive Higher Academy- Evening Classes covers the Alim(a) course. The course comprises learning classical Arabic Language, Fiqh, Tajwid, Arabic Grammar and syntax.

Olive Lantern Trust- Registered Charity No. 1148821- The purpose of the charity is to provide support and assistance to schools and their communities in the developing World.

IRTIS- the Institute for the revival of traditional Islamic Sciences- A beneficial research hub which discusses relevant matters across the traditional schools. Current research papers include topics such as: Epistemological Crisis within the House of Traditional Islam, A Study of the Legality of the UK ACN Compensation Scheme and The Islamic Calendar according to Muslims in the UK.

Teaching and Works

Shaykh al-Hadith of The Olive Foundation having taught the sihah sitta for four consecutive years including other books of Hadith and Tafsir studied Ifta with Mufti Sacha Sahib.

Mufti Sahib has compiled various texts, the first being The Principals of the Prophetic Traditions and most recent Muslims in non-Muslim lands. He is currently directly involved with Turath book publishers.

Most recently, Mufti Sahib was invited as a guest on Real talk (IQRA TV) and has since started his own show 'Islam - Here and Now' on IQRA TV sky Channel 819 on Saturdays from 5:00pm - 6:00pm UK time. The 14 episode series is on how relavant and applicable traditional Islam is in the West in the 21st centuary.

Additional Works

Mufti Amjad is available for Fatawa consultation on +447909541855 on WhatsApp or Telgram.

Amongst other activities, Mufti Amjad is the fiqh advisor of ICOUK and a member of the ICOP.